August 2, 2012
written by Paul Scanly

Ok folks, so everyone wants to move and find a job in Dubai, some people think they can just jump on a plane and spend 2 days and ( suddeleny they have a dream job

The fact is, there are hundreds of thousands of people applying for work in dubai, from almost every country on the planet, how does one compete

1) make sure you have a good resume, stand out, add something thats different on your resume, make the employer take you seriously

2) Dress well for the interview, look groomed, wear a suit if possible, speak clearly

3) Provide good references who will answer the phone when employers call them, dont add your buddy or best freind

4) Dont ask employers , whats the salary, let them ask you

just a few steps to help

May 16, 2012
With the crisis in Europe looming and countries such as Greece, Spain and Portugal having high unemployment, where will out of work people go

Well, Dubai offcourse, as the Euro is on the edge and no jobs in Europe, families have to go east, the Middle East

So all jobseekers looking to secure Jobs in Dubai, you better start now, as once people from Europe start looking to Dubai and Qatar for work, employers will have many more resumes to review and more candidates to choose from, have no doubt, this will happen and happen fast



March 30, 2012
We at Dubai Jobs are finally happy to say that we have rolled out the latest login area for our members
We are the first company in the UAE or the Gulf for that matter to add a (  Online Dubai Job Fair )
Which basically means ( The days when you had to drive to a Job Fair and line up for hours to get in, then walk from employers booth to employers booth and drop your resume with thousands of other candidiates ( Those days are gone )

We have now incorporated a Live Dubai Job Fair. Employers can now sign up for an account with Dubai Jobs, then simply login live, and receive resumes from candidates on the spot

Which means you could be sitting in your house in Japan and handing your resume to live employer right from your home, Dubai Jobs is the first and only company to offer this innovation, this feature is now up and running in all candidate accounts


March 29, 2012

Look out Dubai here comes Qatar, we all know about the 2020 FIFA world cup being held in Qatar, what does this mean for Qatar, well new footbal stadiums, highways, shopping, food, technology, Hotels and the list goes on
Qatar has a high standard and pay scales for job seekers, dont be suprised in 1 year or 2 to see jobseekers moving from Dubai to Qatar



March 29, 2012, Dubai
The Middle east market seems to be growing all again, with so many new projects coming online and many more in the pipeline
Real Madrid talked about their 1 Billion USD resort that will be built in Dubai, there is no doubt that as markets and economies dry up in the west, Dubai will continue to rule

ABU DHABI, Nov 29, 2011
The United Arab Emirates’s Minister of Labour Saqr Ghobash Tuesday said his country’s needs were gradually shifting from a labour-intensive market to knowledge-based economy requiring highly skilled workers and welcomed those who meet the demand. The Labour Minister was talking to a group of international journalists from 43 countries, who are here to witness the development of the Emirates over the past four decades. He said the dynamics of the labour market have changed significantly over the years and with work on major infrastructure projects almost over, there was now a demand to run these and required highly qualified people.  


Dec 9 2009

Phase B of the Jumeirah Golf Estates community is being redesigned because the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced plans for a road to run through the project, reported The National. Phase B was originally designed in 2004 and is made up of villas, cottages and medium-rise apartment buildings surrounding the Water golf course, designed by the Fijian professional golfer Vijay Singh. Leisurecorp, which is developing the $10.8bn community, is working with the RTA and UK-based Mott MacDonald, the engineering consultant hired last year to manage Phase B, to work out a plan for transport connections